If you believe your leather garment got damaged after a crash, you can have a GIMOTO specialist investigate on the possibility to have it fixed and repaired. It is of the utmost importance to always ride with gear that can grant your maximum safety, a severely damaged suit can put your health at risk, use our repair form below to get a free quote.

Stitching Inspection

Having multiple layers of stitching, after a crash a structural damage may be hidden below surface, during our inspections we thoroughly check every single component of the leather garments. If you have a visual feedback or just a suspicion, it is worth to contact one of our experts.


As a first barrage, the leather of your GIMOTO garment has to be in top shape at all times. Choosing the best leathers in the world, we select them for their incredible qualities of resistance and elasticity to prevent tearing, our gear lasts way longer than average. If a sudden slide has ruined the looks of your suit, jacket or pants, we can arrange for the replacement of the damaged parts.

Sponsors replacement

Any sponsor that you’ve added to customize your gear can be replaced or removed, you can also add new ones, please use the form below to contact us for this task as well.

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