Made to measure

Made to measure

A tradition that started over a century ago in Milan, back in 1890. The customization of a leather garment is what GIMOTO has always done best, a unique experience that can please even the most demanding motorcyclist.

Why is it better?

Tailor-made gear means safety: we all have different physiques from one another, standard gear rarely fits anyone, the only way to make sure you’ll alway have certified protectors on the right spots is with a made to measure garment. Next comes the unparalleled comfort as you’ll have all stretches working as they’re supposed, all sections will fit without halting your circulatory vessels. Finally you’ll be able to give it your 100% both on road and on racetrack!

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Made to measure is our core, all of our custom products are manufactured from start to finish here in Italy. If you wish to have your measurements taken you can have one of our many authorized dealers scattered around the world to do it for you, meet them on racetrack, at their shops or during one of the many international fairs we yearly attend. You can even follow our very simple step by step video tutorials available at the end of the online configuration process.

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Online configuration

With GIMOTO you have the possibility to customize all garments that present the "MADE TO MEASURE" feature in their description, through the dedicated online configuration tool and it requires very few steps: start with your layout, choose the colors, add your accessories and take your measurements yourself or have a specialist do it for you, finally send in you configuration to receive a quote.

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