Airbag Ready

Stretch Kit

A set of special stretches allow for the correct expansion for all next gen internal airbag systems available on the market, ensuring the highest safety levels and perfect fit of the garment at all times.

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The AIRBAG READY feature ensures compatibility with all internal airbags available on the market.

Our R&D department has developed this set of stretches originally for our very own airbag system, the V-RACE RR hybrid airbag which expands 15L of volume.

Stock / Optional

The AIRBAG READY stretches are featured by default on all race suit that belong to the AIR LINE category. Additionally, they can be implemented, upon configuration, as an optional on most GIMOTO race suits and road jackets.

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Configuration Tool Guide

If the race suit/jacket you wish to purchase doesn’t feature the AIRBAG READY stretches by default you can add them during configuration with our online tool:

1. Select the suit/jacket of your choice and press the CUSTOMIZE button
2. Customize the suit/jacket and follow the suggested steps
3. When reaching the 5th step named “OPTIONS”, make sure to select “AIRBAG STRETCH KIT”

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