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Update your CPU

Keep your CPU always up to date.
You will receive a notification whenever there is a new firmware update for your V-Race RR airbag system. Upgrading is simple, follow the simple steps described below.

Step 1 - Download V-Race RR UPDATER

Download from the link below the V-Race RR UPDATER application for Windows PC (Windows 8 or newer). The application updates on its own whenever a new firmware is released for your airbag system, no need for additional downloads.

Download the ZIP file, unzip it on your pc and run the setup.exe file following the instructions on the screen

Download Installation Guide Video Tutorial

Step 2 - Connect the CPU to your PC

Disconnect the CPU from your V-Race RR HYBRID airbag vest and connect it to your Windows PC with the provided Micro USB data cable.

WARNING: make sure that your CPU is turned off before connection. It will then automatically turn on once plugged into your PC.

Step 3 - Start the application

Run the V-Race RR UPDATER app. When loaded, the CPU diagnostics will be carried on, click CHECK & UPDATE and the updating procedure for your airbag system will begin.

Check that during this process, the CPU turns solid green.
Once the update has been completed, the CPU starts flashing in different colors, until it flashes purple.

WARNING: do not try to disconnect the CPU from your PC while the update is in process.

Step 4 - Update completed

At the end of the updating procedure, your CPU will be up to date with the latest available firmware. It is now possible to safely disconnect the CPU from your PC and reconnect it to the V-Race RR HYBRID vest. For future updates please refer to this procedure from start to finish.

Download assistance

Did you have problems downloading or installing the app?
Follow the steps provided in this video tutorial on how to update your CPU, or get in touch with our airbag department.

Contact Us Video Tutorial

V-Race RR Mobile App

The V-Race RR mobile app is available both for iOS and ANDROID in their respective Apple/Google App Store. The mobile app is exclusively meant to have an instant diagnostic tool for the CPU. It is also possible to check with the mobile app the battery levels of the CPU and the ANCHOR, select the driving modes (TRACK or ROAD) and/or RESET the CPU once the system has been activated. The airbag system works perfectly on its own even without a mobile app running in the background.

Download IOS Download Android APP

LED diagnostics

A set of colored LED lights is featured inside the CPU of the airbag system. Download the LED guide below for additional informations on how they work and interact depending on the CPU status.

Download Led Guide

PDF User Guide - Electronic System

The revolutionary V-RACE RR HYBRID technology is the first to introduce the wireless anchoring concept (VIRTUAL CABLETECHNOLOGY). The control unit of the HYBRID system (CPU) integrates all the more sensors ù advanced for their inertial platform (accelerometers meters, gyroscopes and GPS satellites) and uses a processor with a high refresh rate. It is the only one able to create a virtual safety sphere around the pilot (3D SAFETY SPHERE) and to calculate dangerous situations with extremely short reaction times.

Electronic System Intro Guide

PDF User Guide - Mechanical System

The mechanical activation system can be used exclusively or simultaneously with the electronic system. The safety cable must be attached to the GIMOTO multidirectional anchor using the relative carabiner, always fi xed on the rear part of the motorcycle. In case of purely mechanical use, the control unit (CPU) must be deactivated.

Mechanical System Components

How to recharge

The recharging of the V-Race RR Hybrid airbag system has been conceived to be extremely user-friendly, it takes only a few minutes and won’t require any special skill. All you will be needing is provided in the ERC01 recharge kit: a 15L CO2 cartridge, the dedicated rearming tool and the pyrotechnic actuator which triggers a single-use piston.

Components Video Recharge

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