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Research and Development

GIMOTO is committed to the research and development of cutting-edge solutions that will increase safety for all motorcyclists, on road and racetrack. We offer innovative protection devices, certified according to the most up to date CE standards. For 2022 we have completely renewed our top of the line system: the V-RACE RR HYBRID, the first hybrid airbag in the world that can be used both as MECHANICAL & ELECTRONIC.

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Inner vest featuring the revolutionary HYBRID airbag system, now even lighter for the 2022 version, featuring a new LED STATUS indicator. By far the most complete airbag system for motorcyclists in the world. Developing a volume of 15L, easy to recharge by the final user. The airbag is certified with industry leading impact force absorption capabilities and integrates an additional LEVEL 2 CE 1621:2-2012 back protector. It’s HYBRID which means you can choose between two different activation mechanisms: MECHANICAL & ELECTRONIC that can work together or on their own, all being manageable on your phone with its dedicated APP. The firmware gets regular updates thanks to our engineering team working on development and new features.

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External leather vest that can be worn over your regular motorcycle gear, it features the revolutionary HYBRID airbag system. Protecting the rider with a volume of 15L, easy to recharge by the final user. The airbag itself is level 2 CE certified with industry leading impact force absorption capabilities. It is the world’s first system that integrates two radically different activation mechanisms: MECHANICAL and ELECTRONIC that can work on their own or together at the same time, rider’s discretion.

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Electronic System

The revolutionary V-RACE RR HYBRID system introduces the first wireless anchoring solution (VIRTUAL CABLE TECHNOLOGY). The control unit (CPU), with a processor capable of very high refresh rates, integrates all most advanced sensors for its own inertial platform (accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS satellites). Thanks to the connection with the wirelss anchor on the motorcycle, it can virtually create a safety sphere around the rider knowing at all times where and how hès actually positioned (3D SAFETY SPHERE), this allows for incredibly short reaction times and even anticipating potential danger.

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The V-RACE RR dedicated mobile app is available both on the APP STORE (iOS) and PLAY STORE (Android). The application can be used to read diagnostics from the CPU. It is also possible to check the battery levels, select riding modes (TRACK or ROAD) and RESET the CPU once the system has been triggered. The V-RACE RR HYBRID airbag system doesn’t need the app to work properly!

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How to recharge?

The recharge system of a V-RACE RR HYBRID was made simple and takes a few minutes, it won’t require any particular set of skills. All the necessary tools are provided within the dedicated recharge kits: a 15L CO2 cartridge and the activation wrench to put back in place your mechanical trigger, for the electronic trigger you will additionally have to replace the single-use piston, that’s it.

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Mechanical System

The mechanical system can be used simultaneously with the electronic system or, if preferred, on its own. This will require the deactivation of the control unit (CPU), and the connection with a physical safety cable ending with in a full metal hook to the GIMOTO multidirectional anchor, firmly installed on the tail section of the motorcycle.

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Protection areas

The V-RACE RR HYBRID thanks to its large inflation volume of 15 L offers a complete protection over the following areas: cervical, lumbar, sacral, collarbone and hip. The full inflation time is approximately 80 ms. The V-RACE RR HYBRID has a CE airbag-specific certification EN 1621/4: 2013 - LEVEL 1.

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MOTOAIRBAG® studies, designs and manufactures airbag devices in Italy for an effective protection of the human body from the risk of impact trauma. Constant development of reliable and easy to use technological solutions. MOTOAIRBAG® has passed all tests and is currently certified as a Level 2 Motorcycle Airbag. MOTOAIRBAG® has passed a total of 1,500,000 km of tests in all environments.


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